Our story

Leadguru was developed by MITRIX Technology, a full-service software development company serving customers around the world since 2016.

Along with the traditional methods of searching for clients, our team was looking for original approaches and sources of lead generation. Through trial and error, we found out that it was much easier to contact and communicate with the CEO of a company through the professional tech community in Slack than through traditional cold calls and emails.

We began to connect and monitor various technology online communities that we found in different open sources.


Professional communities



MVP stage

Eventually, we aggregated about 100 professional communities with more than 1000 channels in our corporate Slack. This was the prototype (MVP) of the product, which we later named Leadguru.

At this stage, we were manually tracking and responding to all messages in order to locate new clients for custom software development.

We faced the following difficulties:

Because there were many messages, received from hundreds of different sources in real time, it was difficult to process them all.

  • Many messages were missed because it was difficult to track each conversation.
  • It was difficult to respond to all relevant messages on time.
  • There was no way to track specific messages.

A significant amount of time was spent on information processing rather than communication with potential customers.

Leadguru Emergence

So we created a program that allowed us to save time by automating the search for hot leads in corporate Slack and communicating with them directly within the platform.

To achieve this goal, we have collected and analyzed over 2,000 messages from potential clients. Using machine learning, we’ve created an algorithm that automatically finds messages in connected channels that contain an intent to hire a developer. This has allowed us to receive and process 10 hot leads daily.

We are constantly in touch with our clients so we can be responsive to their needs and make Leadguru as convenient and efficient as possible.

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