Automated Social Selling Platform

Leadguru finds sales prospects for your business in online communities. Respond on their demands at once via personal messaging.

Why leadguru?

Finds prospects who have expressed a need that can be satisfied with your product or service

You can write to prospects directly via the Leadguru interface.

Leadguru allows you to track, process and score leads on the fly via numerous boards.

Leadguru Sales Pipeline

How leadguru works


Leadguru monitors messages in all connected communities.

Now Leadguru works with Slack Communities. We plan to connect Discord, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram and other platforms.


Leadguru’s machine-learning algorithm finds the most relevant leads on the base of their expressed needs and display them in the Feed.

Leadguru finds leads for:

  • software development companies
  • product companies (coming soon)
  • HR-agencies (coming soon)


Leadguru allows to review each lead profile and to save the most promising ones for further communication.


Initiate communication with a prospect by sending a message in chat. Set a follow-up reminder for future contact.


Create an unlimited number of boards to track leads according to its qualification, work progress, status, geographical area, business field or any other criteria.


You can continue to communicate with a prospect via Leadguru or export data into your own CRM (coming soon) and transform an opportunity into the deal.

More information about leadguru working process you can find in our quick guide.


  • Finds the most relevant leads from different communities
  • Keeps leads’ messages and communication history
  • Reminds users to contact a lead on the scheduled date
  • Allows users to communicate through the LeadGuru interface
  • Allows users to add custom workspaces on their own
  • Allows users to create advanced dashboards for lead tracking, processing, and scoring
  • Allows monitoring leads and messages from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Filters the leads by tags, locations, and technologies
  • Allows users to export data to CRM (coming soon)
  • Provides automatic lead scoring (coming soon)


At the moment, more than 350+ professional communities with more than 1000 Slack channels are connected to Leadguru. Soon we plan to connect such platforms as Discord, Quora, Reddit, Twitter as well as add additional Slack communities.

All communities and groups in social networks and messaging apps that have an open API and the ability to register an account can be connected to Leadguru. We are currently working on  connecting communities and groups on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and many other platforms

Leadguru identifies the most relevant messages using its machine-learning algorithm. The lead list can be narrowed and refined with keywords.

Lead origin is determined by the localization of the connected online communities.

Leadguru specialists may connect any of 350+ workspaces to your account according your choice.

Moreover, you are able to add  workspaces manually. Here is the instructions.

To monitor messages in social networks, Leadguru uses prepaid credits. One credits refers to one message to be monitored. You may buy as many credits as you need to monitor all chosen and added workspaces for a period of time. The price for credits depends on the functionality that you need. 
More information you may get on the pricing page

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