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200 USD

  • Unlimited workspases connection
  • Leadguru workspaces package
  • Finding and communication with contacts
  • Business support
  • 1 user
  • Advanced analytics
  • Export to CSV
  • Advanced Lead info
  • SalesForce, Pipedrive integration



Custom number of credits

  • Unlimited workspases connection
  • Leadguru workspaces package
  • Finding and communication with contacts
  • Custom support
  • 5+ users+ Supervisor
  • Enterprise analytics
  • Export to CSV
  • Advanced lead info
  • SalesForce, Pipedrive integration

How it works

There are two payment options for users:

Paid Leads

Leadguru uses its own resources to process all Leadguru workspaces and find the leads. The user may choose to pay 500 credits for each lead saving for further communication. This option is available for the Leadguru workspaces only.

When a lead is saved, the user will be able to see the workspace the lead came from. To start communication with the saved lead the workspace must be connected to the user’s account. The user can do it on their own or order the workspace connection for the Leadguru team.

Paid processing

The user connects a workspace and chooses appropriate channels to monitor messages and to find the leads. Each processed message in the connected channels will cost one credit. All leads found from monitored channels may be saved at no charge.


  • For non-Leadguru workspaces Paid processing is the only option available.
  • When balance is exhausted Leadguru will continue to monitor users’ non-Leadguru workspaces within 3 days. All leads found will be Paid leads.

Workspace connection

You may find and connect to Leadguru any Slack workspaces according to your needs. If you use Paid processing option, Leadguru will monitor posts in all connected channels and find the most appropriate leads for you.

Leadguru workspaces package

You will see all leads from our 350+ connected professional Slack communities. If you choose Paid leads option, you will be able to save the lead for 500 credits for further communication.   

We found all these workspaces and connected the channels that contain the most useful information regarding companies’ job opportunities. These workspaces have been tested with the help of several companies. software development companies.  

Soon we plan to connect such platforms as Discord, Quora, Reddit, Twitter as well as add additional Slack communities.

Communication with contacts

Leadguru provides you with the possibility to find and communicate with any person registered in all connected workspaces including user-connected and Leadguru workspaces.

You are able to save a contact for further communication for 200 credits. 

To start communication with the saved lead the workspace must be connected to the user’s account.

Custom Services

Custom workspaces connection

You can order a paid Leadguru workspaces connection from our list of all 350+ Leadguru workspaces. We can find and connect Leadguru workspaces according to your needs. These workspaces will be treated as your Personal workspaces.

The price: 2000 credits per 10 workspaces.

Custom workspace search

We can search the Internet for additional free or paid workspaces according to your needs.

Please contact our support specialist.

All plans included

Machine-learning algorithms

– For outsourcing companies
– For HR – agencies
– For product companies (coming soon)


– Saved Leads
– Scheduled follow-up contact
– Processed leads information
– Deleted and archived leads

Follow-up reminders

Ability to setup a reminder for the next scheduled contact with a prospect

Communication history

Ability to see all your previous communication with a prospect.

It will save you time and allow you to identify prospects with whom you have already talked to.

Custom workspaces connection

You may connect unlimited number of  workspace in Slack to Leadguru with your login and password.

We are working on connecting communities based on other platforms.

Analytical and usage reports

You will see charts with information about saved, processed, and deleted or archived leads, scheduled follow-up reminders calendar.

Statistics on the number of all processed and available for processing messages will be available soon.


Credits are an internal measure of resources spent by Leadguru for finding prospects for you. Credits refer to a number of prepaid messages for further processing. One credit equals one message to be processed in the connected workspaces and chosen channels by our algorithm. 

Based on your credit spending from the previous period, you will see the estimation of your credits spending for the current month and your monthly Leadguru costs.

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