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Name City Number of users Registration link Alternative link Description
chaosengineering Worldwide 8125JoinChaos Engineering Community... i Chaos Engineering Community Slack, where anything related to breaking stuff can be discussed
communautésmontpelliersurslack Europe France 3008JoinJoinThe developers of the Montp... i The developers of the Montpellier communities, where they talk about dev, meetup and many other things!
techseattle North America USA Seattle 1036JoinJoinConnect immediately with cr... i Connect immediately with creative founders, startups, VCs, designers, devs, internet marketers, recruiters & freelancers - all the main 12s in Sea Town
aireserches Worldwide 8647JoinA forum for all levels of r... i A forum for all levels of research in Artificial Intelligence. Anyone who has interest is welcome to join.
akeneopim Worldwide 3012JoinJoinAkeneo PIM and related tool... i Akeneo PIM and related tools, the Product Information Manager based on Symfony2 and OroPlatform.
amp Worldwide JoinAMP is a web component fram... i AMP is a web component framework to easily create user-first experiences for the web, community for all related people
androidchat Worldwide 9681JoinJoinAndroidChat is an open comm... i AndroidChat is an open community with a Slack team open to everyone. A place where every developer, idealist, entrepreneur or geek is welcome to share their ideas, questions and successes
androiddevbr South America Brasil 8099JoinDeveleoper's community for ... i Develeoper's community for all tech people connected with android development in Brazil
androiddevchat Pakistan Pakistan 469JoinJoinSlack Community with a sole... i Slack Community with a sole purpose to offer a platform for expats and devs residing in Pakistan to connect with fellow Android enthusiasts and support knowledge transfer from experts working in Local and International companies.
androiddevelopergroupberlin Europe Germany Berlin 1301JoinJoinGroup of Berlindroid, where... i Group of Berlindroid, where Android developers created a community for all interested
androidmontral North America Canada Montreal 1095Joina Montréal's Mobile develop... i a Montréal's Mobile developer and user community is a vibrant and active one, it was mostly an Android group but now we are open to new technologies like Flutter
androidunited Worldwide 13223JoinJoinAndroid United is a friendl... i Android United is a friendly Slack community of professional Android developers. Share experience, knowledge and relevant news about Android and mobile.
angularcolorado North America USA Colorado 1200JoinCommunity of technologists ... i Community of technologists based in Colorado where everybody can share experience, get knowledge and find job
animationatwork Worldwide 950JoinWeb and UI-animation design... i Web and UI-animation designer slack community, join the conversation and meet other web animation and UI animation folks like you
apiyouwonthate Worldwide 4314JoinJoinTasked with building an API... i Tasked with building an API for your company but don't have a clue where to start? Taken over an existing API and hate it? Come and get help, talk with other API developers, share horror stories or show off.
arangodb Worldwide 4397JoinArangoDB community to get h... i ArangoDB community to get help, challenge ideas or discuss new features
atlassianps Worldwide 483JoinSlack community for convers... i Slack community for conversations all around the Atlassian products and how to use them wit PowerShell
babeljs Worlwide 4248JoinJoinBabel is a JavaScript compi... i Babel is a JavaScript compiler. Use next generation JavaScript, today.
backlinks Worldwide 6780Joina team of online marketers ... i a team of online marketers who discuss trade secrets and share backlink opportunities. The easiest way to get backlinks to your sight without spamming!
baltimoretech North America USA Baltimore 1785JoinJoina public Slack for the Balt... i a public Slack for the Baltimore, MD Tech community. With hundreds of members, we have a wide variety of channels and work to foster an inclusive community
Barcelona Engineers Europe Spain Barcelona 5272Joinan online community built b... i an online community built by and for the software engineering community from Barcelona and around
batonrouge North America USA over 500JoinJoincommunity for Baton Rouge a... i community for Baton Rouge area developers, designers, marketers, business people, hobbyists, students, entrepreneurs, and other professionals involved in technology
beamitalia Europe Italy 317JoinItaly developers, meets, ne... i Italy developers, meets, news, tech people
berlinjs Europe Germany Berlin 1573JoinJoinJavascript and related topi... i Javascript and related topics for dev community in Berlin
berlintechs Europe Germany Berlin 2152JoinJoina place for techies who liv... i a place for techies who live and work in the Berlin area to share, talk, organize and get to know each other
bolognajs Europe Italy 451JoinJointhe group of Javascript ent... i the group of Javascript enthusiasts from Bologna and surroundings
bolt Worldwide JoinJoin a tool for Content Managem... i a tool for Content Management, which strives to be as simple and straightforward as possible
borodev North America USA Mutfreesboro 600JoinJoina collection of top web and... i a collection of top web and app development talent in and around Murfreesboro, TN
borojs North America USA 1724JoinConferences for JavaScript ... i Conferences for JavaScript specialists and communities
bostondevops North America USA 3900JoinBoston DevOps is a group th... i Boston DevOps is a group that is focused on bringing dev, ops, QA and anyone else interested in being part of a high-performing IT organization together to talk about how we improve our processes and tools to collaborate more easily
bosun Worldwide JoinMany bosun devs and users a... i Many bosun devs and users are usually availible on our slack channel. If you have any questions or issues this is the best place to get help
botdeveloperhangout Worldwide 15117JoinJoinSlack community for Slack a... i Slack community for Slack app developers. Members include people from Slack.
buildkitecommunity Worldwide 2187JoinJoinBuildkite is a hosted conti... i Buildkite is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service that manages the tools and runs your tests on your own infrastructure, giving you complete control.
cantontech North America 363JoinJoinCanton Tech Slack ties toge... i Canton Tech Slack ties together programmers, tech lovers and startup founders from Canton, Ohio and the surrounding Stark County area
Chadev North America USA Tennessee 1103JoinChadev started to increase ... i Chadev started to increase number of events serving the developer community in Chattanooga. Originating as a simple subreddit, then growing to include a curated events calendar, it soon became clear that this was a much needed resource in the Chattanooga tech community
charlestontech North America USA Charleston 3040JoinJoinCharleston tech community a... i Charleston tech community and an authoritative, open-source directory of information about tech in Charleston.
charlottedevs North America USA Charlotte 2733JoinCharlotte is a group of Sla... i Charlotte is a group of Slack enthusiasts who share knowledge and wisdom around Slack technologies and the power of human connections.
chefslackcommunity Worldwide 8780JoinThe Chef community is a mix... i The Chef community is a mixture of professionals and volunteers who come from all over the world and work together to make Chef better. Community members fulfill many roles, including mentoring, teaching, and connecting with other members of the community.
Chicago Python user group North America USA Chicago 2981Join Chicago Python User Group ... i Chicago Python User Group is one of the world's most active programming language special interest groups with over 1,000 active members and many more prestigious alumni. Our main focus is the Python Programming Language.
Cincy Tech North America USA Cintinnati JoinCincyTech transforms innova... i CincyTech transforms innovation into high performing life science and digital companies in Southwest Ohio
clevelandtech North America USA Cleveland 3972JoinJoinThe Slack community for Nor... i The Slack community for North East Ohio's diverse tech community. Developers, designers and tech people of all stripes
clojurians Worldwide 12609JoinJoinA Slack community for peopl... i A Slack community for people who love all things Clojure. Discussions around #clojure #clojurescript #datomic #datascript #webdevelopment and more
cloudfoundry Worldwide 13996JoinDevOps engineering platform
cloudnativecomputingfoundation Worldwide JoinThe Cloud Native Computing ... i The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure
cloudplatformcommunity Worldwide JoinThe main services under the... i The main services under the Google cloud platform include Compute, storage, and database, networking, big data, cloud AI, management tools, identity and security, IOT, API platform. Google cloud is basically an application hosting and analyzing data on Google’s infrastructure.
cocoadevs Worldwide 376JoinThe world's first Slack com... i The world's first Slack community for Mac developers.
Code & Supply North America 1565JoinJoinCoding discussions around t... i Coding discussions around technologies, career skills
codeaholics Asia Hong Kong 1100Joina self-organising group of ... i a self-organising group of Coders / Hackers / Developers in Hong Kong
codebuddies Worldwide 13889JoinJoina free, open-sourced commun... i a free, open-sourced community of code learners who help each other on Slack, schedule hangouts to group-learn at codebuddies.org, and crowdsource a newsletter to share shout-outs and accomplishments.
codegardenroma Europe Italy RomeItaly 158JoinA slack group of developers... i A slack group of developers from Rome
codepenottawa North America Canada Ottawa 118Joina community for Frontend developers
codergv Worldwide 544Joinan active IT community with... i an active IT community with channels dedicated to the Public, Programming and Code Assistance, Cisco, Regional Chats, Program Chats, Security Chats, and Hiring Boards
codersmexico North America 1707JoinA community throughout Mexi... i A community throughout Mexico of online programmers, come find other programmers in your city. We also speak english
codingjam Worldwide 210JoinCommunity for coders
cordova Worldwide 4444JoinFor developers who have an ... i For developers who have an understanding of how to use the Cordova CLI and make use of plugins
cosmicjs Worldwide 528JoinCosmic JS offers an API-fir... i Cosmic JS offers an API-first content management platform that allows you to build content-powered apps in any programming language
crogrowthhacks Worldwide 4086JoinJoinConversion rate optimizatio... i Conversion rate optimization hacks for websites and landing pages
Cumulus Worldwide 405Joinslack channel about buildin... i slack channel about building and securing networks on data
datacol Worldwide JoinDeployment platform to buil... i Deployment platform to build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud
datahakers Worldwide Joinslack community for data pr... i slack community for data practitioners
datawire Worldwide 4889JoinJoinWe build open source tools ... i We build open source tools for developers building cloud native applications on Kubernetes. Telepresence lets you develop and debug your Kubernetes services locally while bridging to a remote Kube cluster. Ambassador is an API Gateway built on top of the Envoy Proxy
daytonwebdevelopers North America USA Daytown 552JoinJoinDayton web devs
dcoscommunity Worldwide 6995JoinOfficial Public Slack for M... i Official Public Slack for Mesosphere DCOS.
dctech North America 11202JoinJoinWe're a public Slack for th... i We're a public Slack for the Washington, DC Tech community. With over 3500 members, we have channels focused on everything from #python to #politics
denverdevs North America USA Denver 12138Joina community focused on help... i a community focused on helping each other find jobs, solve problems, make friends, and so much more
designtalks Worldwide 6127JoinJoin UI/UX Design, Web Design, ... i UI/UX Design, Web Design, Illustrations, freelancing, Design critiques
detroitsoftwarepeeps North America 501JoinJoinDetroite software slack community
devchat Worldwide 19591JoinJoinlearn programming together ... i learn programming together and help each other when we get stuck.
devcongress Worldwide 2322JoinDevCongress is a developers... i DevCongress is a developers' movement aimed at becoming the most vibrant across the software developers space in Ghana and Africa. The objectives are very simple
devday Europe Italy 328JoinDev community across Italy,... i Dev community across Italy, Mingle with your peers, showcase your projects, and chat in real-time.
devdk Europe Denmark 2104JoinJoinCommunity for designers and... i Community for designers and developers in Denmark
developersitalia Italy Italy 4656JoinA community of developers w... i A community of developers who design and code Italian digital public servicesublic services
devict North America USA Wichita 1409Joina local community for devel... i a local community for developers in Wichita, KS
devopschat Worldwide 21000JoinJoinDevOps Slack Chat for Server Lovers
devtours Europe France 494JoinCommunity of developers in France
devz Worldwide 1611JoinIt is a community of IT ent... i It is a community of IT enthusiasts and developers.
dfwdevelopers North America USA Dallas 1559Jointhe Slack network for softw... i the Slack network for software developers in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area
digitalnomads Worldwide 9224JoinJoinA free channel for digital ... i A free channel for digital nomads working on a startup
distsys Worldwide 4844JoinJoinSlack community for distrib... i Slack community for distributed system
dotnet Worldwide 9822Join.NET devs community around ... i .NET devs community around the world to share the lattest news and job gigs
drupal Worldwide 18207JoinDrupal is developed for dev... i Drupal is developed for developers marketers and agencies
DSM Web Collective North America USA Iowa 200JoinThe Des Moines Web Collecti... i The Des Moines Web Collective is a collaborative, community-driven resource focused on bringing together web design and development professionals in the Des Moines metro area
ecommerceacademy Worldwide 281JoinJoinA global community of found... i A global community of founders, entrepreneurs and eCommerce profesionals that learn together how to build, grow and scale eCommerce businesses
electronicsforall Worldwide 862JoinFor People around the world... i For People around the world, who are interested in Embedded Systems (8051, AVR, PIC, ARM, etc,.), Embedded OS (Android, Tizen, Brillo, mBED, Ubuntu, Windows IoT core, etc,.), Electronics (Schematics, Simulation, PCB, etc,.), Industrial Automation (PLC, CNC, SCADA, HMI,etc,.), Robotics (Industrial, Rovers, DoF, etc,.) Open-Hardware (Arduino, Raspberry PI, Digistump, Trinket), Open-Source Software, Tool, Framework and Platform, Beacons (PhysicalWeb, iBeacon, Eddystone,etc,.), 3D printing, Professional networking, knowledge sharing and discussions on these technologies and engineering as well as emerging technologies
elixir Worldwide 25730JoinJoinSlack community for Elixir ... i Slack community for Elixir programming language
elm Worldwide 16561JoinJoinSlack community for Elm language.
emulationdevelopment Worldwide 460JoinEmulation development
erlang Worldwide 1799JoinJoinSlack community for Erlang ... i Slack community for Erlang programming language.
eugenetech North America USA Eugene 1210JoinJoinEugeneTech is the grassroot... i EugeneTech is the grassroots open and inclusive creative community in Eugene Oregon
faun Worldwide 25000Joina place where FAUN communit... i a place where FAUN community members share their stories, daily problems, ask for help, and meet like-minded people
faunacommunity Worldwide 406JoinJoinJoin FaunaDB users on Slack... i Join FaunaDB users on Slack to get quick answers to your questions, around the clock.
feathersjs Worldwide 2300JoinA framework for creating re... i A framework for creating real-time applications and REST APIs using #JavaScript or #TypeScript with #NodeJS, #ReactNative and the browser.
fenders Worldwide 1299JoinFront End Developers & Designers
firebeasecommunity Worldwide 37465Joina place to learn from other... i a place to learn from other Firebase developers
flutterbrazil South America Brasil 1109JoinFlutter devs from Brasil
foundation Worldwide 527JoinJoinproject built on Foundation... i project built on Foundation or help with your sites, apps, and email templates
framer Worldwide 7971JoinGet feedback and quick help... i Get feedback and quick help with your projects in our online community for Tech/Design people
frankfurtdevelopers Europe Germany 921JoinJoinFrankfurt Hackers, Engineer... i Frankfurt Hackers, Engineers and Developers community
freelancelead North America 1726Joina slack community that stre... i a slack community that streams curated lists of freelance gigs/jobs/leads from all over the web
frontenddevelopersinmiami North America USA Miami 1291JoinFrontend devs in Miami
frontendlondon Europe England London 2080JoinFront-end London is a meetu... i Front-end London is a meetup focused on technology, design & product
Fuse Community Worldwide 3232JoinSlack community that gives ... i Slack community that gives you great mobile apps, as a subscription
getstartedinuxdesigner Worldwide 3110JoinGSIUXD is the most dynamic ... i GSIUXD is the most dynamic and vibrant UX slack community of Indian UXers having more than 17000+ highly engaged members including ux designers, professors, developers, graphic designers, engineers, ui designers, product managers, and students to learn, interact, or mentor in the field of user experience design.
gnvconnect North America USA Ganesville 1271JoinJoina slack community of Gaines... i a slack community of Gainesville techies
gophers Worldwide 71046JoinJoinSlack community for Go prog... i Slack community for Go programming language.
grafanalabs Worldwide 13995JoinGrafana is the open source ... i Grafana is the open source analytics & monitoring solution for every database.
groovy Worldwide JoinGroovy Programming Language... i Groovy Programming Language and Groovy enthusiasts in the community
grusp Worldwide 1885Joina community for Italian tec... i a community for Italian tech events, meetups, etc
hackerhours North America USA New York JoinHacker Hours are free offic... i Hacker Hours are free office hours for programming help - any programming language, all skill levels
hackupstate North America USA New York JoinAdvancing Upstate NY's tech... i Advancing Upstate NY's tech community through events and education
hashtaggaming Worldwide 2983JoinJoinA Slack community for gamer... i A Slack community for gamers to chat and play video games...and watch cat GIFs
hickersandbackpackers North America 2604JoinJoinA community of outdoor enthusiasts
holodevs Worldwide 8514Join a thriving community that ... i a thriving community that covers the spectrum of mixed reality across many platforms, devices, and companies
idahotech North America USA Idaho Joinhelp those interested in te... i help those interested in technology in Idaho connect, stay connected, and have timely and valuable conversations
impactmakers Worldwide 1239Joina community of tech people ... i a community of tech people It doesn't matter if you're a designer, developer, marketer, or product manager, all skills are welcome. Join today to help us stop climate breakdown.
Indy Hackers North America USA Indianapolis 1288JoinEvents and Jobs for Tech Fo... i Events and Jobs for Tech Folks in Indianapolis
internetofthings Worldwide 803JoinInternet of things platform
ionicworldwide Worldwide 2200Joina place to chat with other ... i a place to chat with other Ionic devs, get feedback on your app, test new features, or just hang out
iopipecomunity Worldwide 608JoinJoinbuild and operate serverless apps
iosdevbr South America Brasil Brasil 5228JoiniOs devs from Brasil
Italiajs Europe Italy 1656JoinJavascript user group
italiatechscene Europe Italy 140JoinItaly tech group
jacksonvilletechcommunity North America USA Jacksonville 810JoinJacksonville tech community
javascript Worldwide 12707JoinJavascript user group
jiratalks Worldwide 150JoinJoina community of JIRA and Con... i a community of JIRA and Confluence users and admins to share their knowledge and get help from each other
jsbelgrade Europe Serbia Belgrade 550JoinJavascript in Belgrade
jsdata Worldwide 1075JoinJoinGive your data the treatmen... i Give your data the treatment it deserves with a framework-agnostic, datastore-agnostic JavaScript ORM/ODM built for ease of use and peace of mind. Works in Node.js and in the Browser
jsla North America USA Los Angeles 2384JoinLos Angeles javascript devs... i Los Angeles javascript devs community
juniordevs Worldwide JoinChat with other junior developer
Kaggle NYC North America USA New York 946JoinJoina group of Data Scientists,... i a group of Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers in New York that gather to practice through Kaggle Competitions
keencommnity Worldwide 2963JoinJoinOfficial slack community fo... i Official slack community for Keen.io
keras Worldwide 10799JoinKeras is a high-level deep ... i Keras is a high-level deep learning library, written in Python and capable of running on top of either TensorFlow or Theano.
knoxdevs North America 1945JoinJoinSupport the Knoxville area ... i Support the Knoxville area software development community
koltinlang Worldwide 39122JoinStatically typed programmin... i Statically typed programming language targeting JVM, Android, JavaScript & Native
kotlinglang-jp Asia Japan 1082JoinJoinJapanese Kotlin language user group
kubernetes Worldwide 130444JoinJoinOfficial Slack for The Kube... i Official Slack for The Kubernetes Project. Open source container cluster management.
kubos Worldwide 306JoinAn online community for any... i An online community for any open source, space-based projects
kumunity Worldwide 5946Join Data visualization platform
laravelitalia Europe Italy 1200JoinLaravel community in Italy
launch Worldwide 27550Joina place to collaborate, dis... i a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or even find a co-founder
louisvilletech North America USA Lousville 2683JoinJoina community of technology u... i a community of technology user groups and meetups in Louisville, Kentucky. Midwest
lyontechclub Europe France 1580JoinJoinLyonTechHub technical community
macadmins Worldwide JoinJoina community where anyone ca... i a community where anyone can join and discuss issues they face with the Apple devices in their care
machinelearningengineer North America USA 9727JoinMachine Learning nanodegree... i Machine Learning nanodegree community
madison North America USA Madison 882JoinJoinThis is the Madison Communi... i This is the Madison Community Slack Team. A variety of people are here, but a large percentage of them work in tech in the Madison, Wisconsin area.
magentohackathon Worldwide 375JoinOfficial Magento Hackathon Team
mcrtech Europe 2479JoinJoinGeneral purpose chat of the... i General purpose chat of the Tech Scene in Manchester UK.
milwaukee North America USA Milwaukee 3000JoinIts roots started with soft... i Its roots started with software development and technology but has grown to include much more over the years. With the growth has come a need for some rules to ensure civil and respectful discourse
mindtheproduct Worldwide 28182JoinJoinJoin an international commu... i Join an international community of passionate product people, share what you know about creating great products, and level up your skills with us.
minnesotaphp North America USA Minnesota 164Joina community for people to n... i a community for people to network, share knowledge, and learn about PHP, the various frameworks and open source technologies
mitmproxy Worldwide 1499Joina free and open source inte... i a free and open source interactive HTTPS proxy community
mlai Worldwide 3022JoinJoinThis channel is for ML and ... i This channel is for ML and AI freaks who’re interested in developing their skills on building end products using different ML libraries and integrating AI to the system.
msptech North America 1044JoinA Slack instance for the Tw... i A Slack instance for the Twin Cities tech community; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.
mysqlcasual Asia Japan 1785JoinJoinJapanese MySQL community
nativebase Worldwide 3519JoinComponents for React Native... i Components for React Native & Web | Mobile-first | Accessible | Powered by Styled System | Responsive | Customizable
nativescriptcommunity Worldwide 15427Joinsupport options, profession... i support options, professional services or maybe how NativeScript can be a strategic focus for your organization
neos Worldwide 2132JoinTech and developers community
networktocode Worldwide Joinnetwork automation
newhavenio North America USA New Havenio Jointhe hub of the local tech c... i the hub of the local tech community by helping its members learn, solve problems, and connect with the local tech scene
nextreality Worldwide 517Joinleading Augmented and Virtu... i leading Augmented and Virtual reality Slack community
ninjaformsdev Worldwide 1639Jointhe one stop shop for every... i the one stop shop for everything involving development for Ninja Forms
nodejs Worldwide 1927JoinAnyone with any amount of i... i Anyone with any amount of interest in Node.js is welcome to join. This is meant to be a very open and collaborative community. A real-time discussion place for literally anything Node.js
nodepdx North America USA Portland 121Jointechnology-based channel fo... i technology-based channel for developers from Portland and nearby
nomandstalk Worldwide 1485JoinJoinA slack chat group for digi... i A slack chat group for digital nomads. Join our slack community and connect with fellow digital nomads. Explore new places around you by connecting with other digital nomads in your city.
northernirelandtechdesign Europe Ireland 609JoinJoinThe NI Tech & Design slack ... i The NI Tech & Design slack community is a gathering of software developers and designers based in, or with connections, to Northern Ireland, UK.
nuke Worldwide 506JoinCross-platform build automa... i Cross-platform build automation system for C# developers
nycdevs North America USA New York 1451JoinSlack community for develop... i Slack community for developers in NYC. Meet people and find jobs.
nycswift North America USA New York 196JoinNYC Swift Meetup, Swift Cam... i NYC Swift Meetup, Swift Camp and NYU iOS Intensive Courses
nyctech North America USA New York 10681JoinJoinNYCTech is a Slack account ... i NYCTech is a Slack account for the New York-based tech community
openaustin North America USA Austin 2051Join volunteer citizen brigade ... i volunteer citizen brigade advocating for open government, open data, and civic application development since 2009
openseattle North America USA Seattle 1252JoinJoina multi-disciplinary group ... i a multi-disciplinary group working together to improve our communities through civic technology
osquery North America USA 4795Joinquestions about your Linux,... i questions about your Linux, Mac, and Windows infrastructure. Intrusion detection, infrastructure reliability, compliance, and more
ottawastartups North America Canada Ottawa 166JoinJoinSlack for Ottawa startup community.
pantheoncommunity North America USA San Fransisco 3635JoinCome discover why marketers... i Come discover why marketers & developers trust us to help them build amazing digital experiences
pdxstartups North America USA Portland JoinStartup in Portland
phillydev North America USA Philadelphia 5261Joina place for developers who ... i a place for developers who live and work in and around Philly to share, converse, organize and get to know each other
phillystarupleaders North America USA Philadelphia 4946JoinJoinPhilly Startup leaders community
php Worldwide 547JoinJoinslack powered community for... i slack powered community for PHP Developers to share knowledge
phparty Worldwide 141JoinPHP Community of New Zealan... i PHP Community of New Zealand. We are looking for active people who are willing to contribute to the community by organising meet ups, writing blog posts or generally help each other with problems.
phpchat Worldwide 2986JoinJoinPHP Chat is a live-chat com... i PHP Chat is a live-chat community of PHP Programmers from around the world, on Slack. If you're a PHP Programmer, Then you must join PHP Chat to connect with fellow PHP Programmers from across the globe
phpug Worldwide 1731JoinA channel for worldwide PHP... i A channel for worldwide PHP-Users to connect
pico8 Worldwide 597JoinPico-8 team/gaming
pigsquad North America 1575JoinThe Portland Indie Game Squ... i The Portland Indie Game Squad is a community for game developers and players everywhere,providing events, resources, news, and networking opportunities!
pinaxproject Worldwide 1293Joina collection of Django proj... i a collection of Django project templates that we call starter projects as well as apps and themes
pminterview Worldwide 19294JoinJoinPractice partner for tech interview
pods Worldwide 5578Joina Content Development Frame... i a Content Development Framework for WordPress
portlandreactjs North America USA Portland 1782JoinPortland reactJS community
postgresql-jp Asia Japan 1211JoinJoinJapanese PostgreSQL
productivityhackers Worldwide 625JoinToo much meetings and email... i Too much meetings and email overload to get things done? Missing the time when you were able to focus and just do the work? We were there too! Now, you can be 10x more productive at work and in your life! Join us now!
productschool North America USA 30935JoinProduct School is the world... i Product School is the world’s first technology business school. We provide certified courses in Product Management, Data Analytics, Coding, Digital Marketing, UX Design and Product Leadership to professionals across 16 campuses worldwide. In addition to on-site campuses, we also offer the same courses, live online. Both on-site and online courses are taught by real-world product managers who work at top technology companies such as Google, Facebook, PayPal, Airbnb, LinkedIn and Netflix.
psuguk Europe Europe 379JoinSlack Team for the UK Power... i Slack Team for the UK PowerShell User Group
puppetcommunity Worldwide 9440JoinPuppet community
racket Worldwide 1513JoinJoinSlack community for Racket ... i Slack community for Racket programming language.
ratpack Worldwide 1647JoinA toolkit for web applicati... i A toolkit for web applications on the JVM
redhatlinuxadmins Worldwide 972JoinCalling all Red Hat Linux S... i Calling all Red Hat Linux SysAdmins! Come together and socialize from the comfort of your own server cave with like-minded people. Discuss the issues (or complaints) you have with your servers (or clients)!
refreshaustin North America USA Austin 2536JoinAustin devs community
remotelyone Worldwide 1459JoinRemote Work, Telecommute, D... i Remote Work, Telecommute, Distributed Teams, Digital Nomad, Mobile Worker, Telework Co-work, Desk-Share or Freelancer
remotework Worldwide 892JoinRemote work community
restazured Worldwide 1904JoinSlack team to discuss all t... i Slack team to discuss all things azure
rethinkdb Worldwide 6588JoinRethinkDB is the open sourc... i RethinkDB is the open source database for the realtime web:
rocdev North America USA Rochester Joinlargest community of tech p... i largest community of tech professionals
rocktowntech North America USA Harrisonburg 553JoinDevelopers and techies in a... i Developers and techies in and around Harrisonburg VA and the Shenandoah valley.
rteamfordataanalasys Worldwide 3032JoinR - team from all around th... i R - team from all around the world helping each other in learning and exploring the R data analysis tool.
rubydevelopers Worldwide 6945JoinJoinRuby and Ruby on Rails
rubyinrailslink Worldwide 15451JoinJoina community of Ruby on Rail... i a community of Ruby on Rails developers from all over the world, including avid OSS contributors, full-stack engineers, founders of startup, backend engineers at enterprise and students learning Ruby on Rails.
rubynewzealand Australia & New Zealand New Zealand 975JoinRuby developers from NZ
rust Worldwide 4473JoinRust Programming language
sactech North America USA Sacramento 1624JoinSacramento tech scene
sadev North America USA 653JoinJoina group of developers who l... i a group of developers who live in and around San Antonio, TX
seattlejshackers North America USA 1427JoinJoinSeattle JS Hackers is an op... i Seattle JS Hackers is an open and inclusive after-hours community of JavaScript hackers who learn and hack in JavaScript together. We are entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, tinkerers, computer scientists, educators, marketers, and more – all working to ignite and amplify our personal productivity and collaboration.
seattlerb North America USA 582JoinJoinSeattle.rb was the first Ru... i Seattle.rb was the first Ruby (and subsequently Ruby on Rails) user group in the world and has met regularly for well over a decade. We convene every Tuesday night to contribute to open source, work on personal projects, and teach and learn from one another. All skill levels are welcome!
sfbrigade North America USA San Fransisco 3409JoinA welcoming and inclusive v... i A welcoming and inclusive volunteer group of activists who use creative technology to solve civic and social problems.
siliconprairietech North America 864JoinJoina group of chat channels f... i a group of chat channels for prairie-based developers, designers, marketers, business people, hobbyists, students, and other professionals involved in technology.
sketchapp Worldwide 1541JoinUI/UX design and sketchApp ... i UI/UX design and sketchApp softwarIt is all about UI/UX design and SketchApp software
slovenianrubyusergroup Europe Slovenia 202JoinA slack community for Ruby ... i A slack community for Ruby and Ruby on Rails devs and people interested in it
sloveniantechcommunity Europe Slovenia 837JoinJoinA techy group of people fro... i A techy group of people from Ljubljana and wider Slovenia.
socketdotio Worldwide 30298Joinrealtime application network
softwarecrafters Worldwide 6343JoinSoftware Craft Communities
solidus Worldwide 3814JoinJoinOpen source software that b... i Open source software that brings E-Commerce to Rails
spacecoasttech North America 114JoinJoina free and public Slack for... i a free and public Slack for the Space Coast tech and creative community
SparkPost Community Worldwide 9220Joina Slack group where you can... i a Slack group where you can learn about new ways of email marketing and about growing your business
spinacms Worldwide 527JoinSlack group where to join a... i Slack group where to join and ask questions about Spina CMS
spreecommerce Worldwide 5445Joina mobile-first #opensource ... i a mobile-first #opensource #ECommerce platform for #Rails 6 with a modern #UX, optional #PWA, REST #API, #GraphQL, extensions & 3rd party integrations
sqlservercommunity Worldwide 10090JoinJoinA community slack group for... i A community slack group for talking SQL Server and the wider Microsoft Data Platform
startuplansing North America 607JoinJoinLansing startup community
startupstudy Worldwide JoinStartup Study Group communi... i Startup Study Group community discussion forum
stltech North America USA St.Louis JoinSt. Louis technology community
swiftbaguette Europe Europe JoinFrench Swift Developer organization
swiftnoobs Worldwide 718JoinJoinA Slack chat based communit... i A Slack chat based community for learning the Swift programming language together.
tech404 North America USA Atlanta 9750JoinJoina group of chat channels fo... i a group of chat channels for Atlanta area developers, designers, marketers, business people, hobbyists, students, and other professionals involved in technology
techbelgium Europe Belgium 541JoinJoinThe #techbelgium community ... i The #techbelgium community grew out of a collective desire to facilitate communication between the tech communities in Belgium. This is a Slack community of tech-minded people where we can all talk, share experiences and ask and/or answer questions.
techfriends North America USA Colorado Joina FREE network of humans th... i a FREE network of humans that want to share passion project, work through a tough problem, find your next hire
techlahoma North America USA Oklahoma 4847JoinOklahoma technologists to d... i Oklahoma technologists to discuss community-​led projects like user groups, conferences, & civic coding
techmasters North America 3917Joingroup of technologists, ent... i group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers from all around the world
techseattle North America USA JoinThe bridge between you and ... i The bridge between you and the Seattle tech community. Build it all together.
theappdevelopers Worldwide 510JoinApplication iOs and Android devs
thejavaspecialists Worldwide 11000JoinJavaspecialists community
thesecuredeveloper Worldwide 2483JoinJoin about security for develop... i about security for developers, covering tools and best practices.
thishostingrockcommunity Worldwide 209JoinA web hosting community.
tislack Worldwide 2820JoinJoinTiSlack is THE Titanium Com... i TiSlack is THE Titanium Community on the web. Any question you have, any blogpost you've got to share, or if you just want to hang out, we're one community together.
torontojs North America Canada Toronto 427JoinJoinA community of Javascript d... i A community of Javascript developers from Toronto, Canada
triangledevs North America 2615JoinJoinThe startup community in Ra... i The startup community in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding region (The Triangle, NC)
tridevdevs North America USA 409JoinOnline Community for softwa... i Online Community for software developers in Johnson City, TN and the Appalachian Highlands region
turkufrontendfinland Europe Finland 225JoinFrontend devs in Finland
umbracocommunity Worldwide 2217Joina public group for Umbraco ... i a public group for Umbraco Web Developers to share useful knowledge and tools
unpossibly Worldwide 657JoinMachine learning and AI
urug North America USA 924JoinUtah Ruby User Group
utahjs North America USA 4000+Jointhe community of JavaScript
uxguide Worldwide 5647JoinUser experience and product design
uxid Asia 564JoinA group of user experience ... i A group of user experience professional and enthusiast in Indonesia.
vancouverdevelopers North America Canada Vancouver 1226JoinJoinAre you a developer in Metr... i Are you a developer in Metro Vancouver? Want to chat with other local developers? Come join the Vancouver Developers Slack.
vancouvervrcommunity North America Canada Vancouver 678JoinVancouver community
viewsource Australia & New Zealand 3391JoinDevelopers from Australia a... i Developers from Australia and New Zealand
visualcompos Worldwide 7541Joinweb-based software modelling tool
vrtheory Worldwide 1028JoinVR Theory is a Slack group ... i VR Theory is a Slack group discussing the latest in Virtual reality and Augmented reality. Join in on the conversation now!
vueslack Worldwide 4801JoinChannel for VueJS
vulcan Worldwide 4285JoinJoinOfficial Slack chat for Tel... i Official Slack chat for Telescope. Telescope is a free, open-source web application that makes it easy for anybody to launch their own community.
webdevscotland Europe Scotland 149JoinCommunity of front and back... i Community of front and back end developers based and working in and around Scotland
webhh Europe German 1115JoinWeb-dev/Design community in Hamburg
webperformance Worldwide 1427JoinJoinWeb Performance Community s... i Web Performance Community slack team – for general chat/discussion.
webscrapers Worldwide 1175JoinJoinA place to chat about Selen... i A place to chat about Selenium, Puppeteer, Scrapy, or anything else related to web scraping.
webzuerich Europe Switzerland 1388JoinJoinjs and web folks in Zurich.
welearnjs Worldwide 11153JoinJoinWe are a self motivating gr... i We are a self motivating group of individuals that support each other through the process of javascript learning with an ongoing series of projects/challenges. We believe that the best way to learn and become an expert in something is by doing and we also believe that you truly concrete your knowledge when you can teach others. Our group is based on this simple concept - Learn by doing then teach others.
weworkremotely North America Canada Joina large, global platform of... i a large, global platform of individuals pursuing remote work and companies looking to hire
wordpressbelgium Europe Belgium Belgium 586JoinWordPress community in Belgium
wpaustralia Australia & New Zealand Australia JoinWord Press group in Australia
wplib Worldwide JoinA Slack Workspace set up to... i A Slack Workspace set up to allow WPILib Core Developers to communicate with each other and with other members
wpsouthafrica Africa South Africa 1349JoinWP South Africa is the onli... i WP South Africa is the online meeting place of the WordPress community spread across South Africa.
xamarinchat Worldwide 6990Joina community for Xamarin chat
yowdev North America Canada 1826Joindevs channel in Canada
zatech Africa 11806JoinJoinGroup for technology worker... i Group for technology workers in and ariound South Africa
zewo Worldwide 1207JoinOpen source libraries for S... i Open source libraries for SWIFT devs
bootstrap Worldwide 39684JoinJoinOfficial Slack chat for Bootstrap.
tachyons Worldwide JoinTachyons enthusiasts group
prisma Worldwide 45930JoinPrisma makes databases easy
graphQL Worldwide 10366JoinGraphQL technology
rxswift Worldwide 9071Joinabout the reactive programm... i about the reactive programming paradigm and what RxSwift can bring to your app
sketchware Worldwide 12929Jointhe official community for ... i the official community for Sketchware
mindorks Worldwide JoinAndroid dev group
grails Worldwide 4165JoinGrails Community Slack
yellowant community Worldwide 1168Join Advanced ChatOps for the m... i Advanced ChatOps for the modern workplace
cakePHP Worldwide 3997JoinCakePHP technologies
capasitor Worldwide 2744Joinseeks to bring together the... i seeks to bring together the highest quality Capacitor plugins and the Capacitor plugin authoring community into a single place and help users find high quality, well maintained Capacitor plugins.
docker mastery Worldwide 23000+JoinDocker and K8s fans
watsondevelopercommunity Worldwide 15082JoinThis community gives you ac... i This community gives you access to detailed developer resources and more to help you getting started with the IBM Watson toolchain. This includes documentation, SDKs on GitHub and other collaborative tools to help you with the integration
mixedmethods Worldwide 15673Joina community interested in t... i a community interested in the hows and whys of user experience research
grommet Worldwide 3000+JoinGrommet Slack Channel
overflow community Worldwide 3371JoinDesigner Slack community
service design network Worldwide 6657JoinJoinSlack community for designers
glinderlabs Worldwide 3152JoinOpen source innovation lab
sinatra&friends Worldwide 1356JoinSinatra framework community
cfml Worldwide 3830Joincf developers community
calicousers Worldwide 6524Jointhe industry standard for K... i the industry standard for Kubernetes networking and security
spinnaker Worldwide 11727JoinSpinnaker slack communtiy
bitrise Worldwide 3147JoinBitrise engineers, technolo... i Bitrise engineers, technology experts, power users, partners
confluentcommunity Worldwide 29527JoinThe topics discussed within... i The topics discussed within this space are all about event streaming, including Confluent Platform, Confluent Cloud, Apache Kafka®, Kafka Connect, streaming data pipelines, ksqlDB, Kafka Streams as well as stream processing, Security, Microservices and a lot more
fluent Worldwide JoinCommunity for discussing Fl... i Community for discussing Fluentd, Fluent Bit
mautic Worldwide JoinMarketing automation
growmance Worldwide 10487JoinGrowmance is for real growt... i Growmance is for real growth hackers who wants to discuss their strategy and get help from community. Join us
irishtechcommunity Europe Ireland 5634JoinJoinWe're a group of friendly f... i We're a group of friendly folks in the Irish Tech Community. We are always interested in new members joining. There are no requirements, other than being a real person, and ideally, interested in tech. We have many channels devoted to multiple subjects, from design and development of tech, to conferences and diversity. We are building a sustainable, diverse community of people who are interested in growing their skills, experience, community and industry.
productmarketingalliance Worldwide 18041JoinProduct Marketing Alliance ... i Product Marketing Alliance is a collective of passionate product marketing innovators committed to driving demand, adoption and the overall success of their products
paperswithcode Worldwide 8779Joina free and open resource wi... i a free and open resource with Machine Learning papers, code and evaluation tables.
plg Worldwide 7445JoinJointhe world's largest Product... i the world's largest Product-Led Growth community on Slack. Whether you're just starting to learn more about Product-Led Growth or are an expert, you'll meet world-class SaaS operators you can learn from.
dsnet Worldwide 3455JoinData Science Network is one... i Data Science Network is one of the fastest-growing data science communities with 10,000+ members from 75+ countries.
cloudstudynetwork Worldwide 3216JoinJoinCloud computing, DevOps, De... i Cloud computing, DevOps, DevSecOps, serverless, AI, ML, containers, Docker, Kubernetes, etc
productbuds Worldwide 5443JoinProduct Buds aims to be a d... i Product Buds aims to be a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment for aspiring Product Managers of all social and cultural identities, as well as educational and career backgrounds. Whether you are a student, working professional, or self-employed individual who is new to the world of Product Management (PM) or you are well-versed in PM, we welcome you to use this community as a platform to advance your PM knowledge and skills through dialogue about PM books, ideation and execution of collaborative projects, interactive workshops and speaking engagements with top thought leaders within the Product Space!
aiacceleratorinstitute Worldwide 2891Joinan alliance of AI ecosystem... i an alliance of AI ecosystem innovators committed to creating the next generation of machine intelligence
peoplegeeks Worldwide 15587JoinJoinWork around the world
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Slack is an all-purpose workplace platform with instant messaging, voice and video calls, and other tools that make it easy to share and collaborate with someone in real-time. Your data within the platform is always protected thanks to great security.

Slack communities are private or public groups where thousands of professionals from all over the world, including software developers, discuss various topics according to their interests. In order to do that they create workspaces with channels.

An extensive Slack communities list gives you an opportunity to get inside your industry knowledge. Many of them hold AMA (“ask me anything”) sessions where experts volunteer some of their time to answer questions from the group members. It’s an opportunity to get an up-close look into the lives of industry experts.

Slack communities allow you to gain insights into what people think about certain topics.

Slack workspaces/ Slack chats are similar to Facebook groups or bulletin boards where users can communicate directly with one another through instant messaging. A Slack workspace is also defined as a collection of public and private Slack channels, where team members can communicate and work together.

A Slack channel is a shared group chat room for members of a workspace. Channels allow users to communicate with the entire team or certain team members. When someone creates a Slack channel, they can give access to anyone in the shared workspace or restrict access to invited users only.

As you can see, Leadguru workspaces list contains devs Slack and tech Slack workspaces.

If you think that Slack communities and workspaces chosen by Leadguru are not enough, the Leadguru platform offers the option to connect custom workspaces to find the most relevant leads.

In order to connect a workspace to Leadguru, you need to register in the chosen workspace first. After that, you need to find section Sources in the app and type in slack workspace URL and credentials.

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