Top 6 Messaging Platforms for Business communities

Today, B2B communication is mostly centered in professional online communities, as they are a great way to expand the professional network, increase industry knowledge, and build a personal brand. In this article, we are going to cover the most widely-used platforms for building communities where people can communicate for business purposes. Slack Slack is used […]

How Slack communities help to grow your business

Slack started off as a messenger in 2013 with 16K active users in 2014. According to Business of Apps, by 2021, Slack has $902 million in revenue, $292 million in profit, and 12+ million users. Today, Slack is more than just a messenger. It is actively used by more than 750K organizations to do business, […]

Leadguru Basics & Terms

In this article, we have described the basic terms and principles of working with Leadguru. We recommend you read this article before getting started. Workspaces and Channels Leadguru will find leads for you in two main groups of sources: Leadguru workspaces and Custom workspaces in Slack. Leadguru workspaces are all workspaces (350+) from the Leadguru list that […]

How to start working with Leadguru

To start working with Leadguru, you must register first. You can do it by entering your business email on the main page, or by clicking on the Sign-Up link in the top menu. You will be redirected to the registration page and will have to fill out the registration form. Search Location, Search Technologies, Search […]

A huge Leadguru update

In October 2021 we have released a huge update of Leadguru.  Many new features have been introduced in the last version. Numerous already existed features have been improved. In this article, we describe all these new features. New pages Contacts We added the ability to find, save and start communicating with any contact from all […]

7 services to automate your social selling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is rightfully considered as the most popular B2B social network; the vast majority of business communication happens on LinkedIn. The network is extremely popular for social selling because here you can find your prospective clients and talk to them directly to make a deal. In this article, we decided to consider 7 services that […]

How to convert your leads into clients with Leadguru

Tips for effective communication Lidguru is a very effective tool for finding leads. But whether your leads become your customers or not depends largely on the salespersons and their ability to conduct a dialogue with potential customers. In this article, we will share with you some effective techniques that Lidguru salespersons are using to communicate […]

Who is a prospect? Definition review and analysis

While doing research for my work, I have stumbled across two opposite definitions of the word “suspect”. I asked myself a question: “Is that I who misread this term, or are some people just using it wrong?” Suspect, marketing qualified lead, prospect, lead, opportunity, sales qualified lead. Looks like the word salad, though it is […]

Advantages and limitations of inbound and outbound lead generation methods

As you know, lead generation is an essential part of the selling process. It includes different marketing practices that engage customers in product or service. There are two common approaches in lead generation: inbound and outbound which contain certain methods. These methods are well known, each and every successful company uses at least some of […]

How to add a custom Slack workspace to Leadguru

Maybe you already know that Slack is not used only for corporate messaging but also to create numerous workspaces and communities for discussing different questions as it happens in the regular chats or forums.  By monitoring messages in different Slack communities you may find leads according to your needs. Because it is not an easy […]